Take Charge of Your Life... Before it Takes Charge of You: Cover PageTake Charge of Your Life
Dr. Richard Ganz

Dr. Ganz presents a way of living, which he calls a Take-Charge Life. This new life is nothing other than bringing into daily reality the fully abundant life God intends for you. John MacArthur (Senior Pastor, Grace Community Church) says about this book, "Superb... Prepare yourself for a study that is at once challenging and uplifting." Far from the typical self-help fare, this book provides Biblical challenges to the life of every Christian.

Notes on the Apocalypse - David Steele

ISBN: 0978098706
Pages: 276
Format: 6" x 9" Paperback
Publishing Date: Aug. 23, 2006
With An Appendix Containing Dissertations On Some Of The Apocalyptic Symbols

From the back cover: Notes on the Apocalypse provides access into the Historicist Postmillenial interpretation of the book of Revelation. Written in the style of a commentary, this work introduces Biblical eschatology in a straightforward and faithful manner.

In Historicist fashion, Steele interprets the book of Revelation throughout the history of the world since the time of Christ. Exploring all the major topics of the book, Steele explains such things as the seals, trumpets, vials, four horsemen, the Antichrist, the 1260 years, and more.

Along with being instructive and enlightening in viewing history, Notes on the Apocalypse also serves to offer hope and joy in anticipating the magnificent and inspiring manifestation of God's will at the end of this world.

David Steele (1803 - 1887) was a Reformed and Presbyterian minister who pastored a number of churches in Ohio, Illinois, and Pennsylvania as well as authored a number of notable works. He was vital in the Reformed Presbytery (Covenanter) from its erection in 1840 until his death. Throughout his life he was vocal and impassioned for the cause of Christ and has left a legacy of resolved adherence to the truth found in the Scriptures.

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