Take Charge of Your Life... Before it Takes Charge of You: Cover PageTake Charge of Your Life
Dr. Richard Ganz

Dr. Ganz presents a way of living, which he calls a Take-Charge Life. This new life is nothing other than bringing into daily reality the fully abundant life God intends for you. John MacArthur (Senior Pastor, Grace Community Church) says about this book, "Superb... Prepare yourself for a study that is at once challenging and uplifting." Far from the typical self-help fare, this book provides Biblical challenges to the life of every Christian.

National Religion: A Presbyterian Political Manifesto - Michael Wagner

ISBN: 9780978098735
Pages: 56
Format: 5" x 8" Paperback
Publishing Date: Jan. 22, 2007
Copyright: Michael Wagner

From the back cover: Is national religion tyrannical? Or could national religion be beneficial or even necessary?

Answering those and other questions, Wagner lays out the long-understood but often-disregarded principle of national religion as the Biblical, logical, and historical option for Presbyterians. In so doing, Wagner addresses the futility of those arguing for the moral neutrality of government and other Christians labouring for trivial improvements in existing policy. In a concise manner, Wagner unveils the divine purpose of the civil government as clearly derived from Scripture.

"Wagner turns to Scripture and the Scottish understanding of the relationship of church and state. ...A civil government that establishes the Presbyterian Church will therefore be nothing more or less than a civil government that rules a nation in accordance with Scripture." - The Blue Banner

"[Wagner] shows how disestablishment of religion is an impossibility (not whether, but which). He clearly makes the point that a refusal to establish Christianity is not a neutral action--it is the establishment of false religion." - Credenda/Agenda

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