Take Charge of Your Life... Before it Takes Charge of You: Cover PageTake Charge of Your Life
Dr. Richard Ganz

Dr. Ganz presents a way of living, which he calls a Take-Charge Life. This new life is nothing other than bringing into daily reality the fully abundant life God intends for you. John MacArthur (Senior Pastor, Grace Community Church) says about this book, "Superb... Prepare yourself for a study that is at once challenging and uplifting." Far from the typical self-help fare, this book provides Biblical challenges to the life of every Christian.

Christ: The Way, The Truth, and The Life - John Brown (of Wamphray)

ISBN: 9780978098728
Pages: 362
Format: 6" x 9" Hardbound
Publishing Date: Jul. 12, 2007

From the back cover: "Let then a man have so much knowledge, and be acquainted with the mysteries of all arts and sciences, and with the depths of nature, and intrigues of states, and all theory of religion; if he be unacquainted with Jesus, he knoweth nothing as he ought to know." - John Brown

"Up, Christians, and be doing: Listen to such a teacher, who, lest thou tire in thy race, or turn back, teacheth thee a certain and sweet way of singular proficiency and progress in the ways of God." - Robert M'Ward

About John Brown:
"I have always [had] a great love to Mr. John Brown because I thought I saw more of Christ in him than in his brethren." - Samuel Rutherford (1637)

"He was a notable writer, and a choice and pathetical preacher; in controversy he was acute, masculine, and strong; in history, plain and comprehensive; in divinity, substantial and divine." - John Howie (1781)

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